Operations Management Services

Competitive Edge


Giving You A Competitive Edge

Throughout the years, we have learned that business operations are frequently interpreted as a nebulous concept about daily functioning, even to experienced business owners. Profitability is often seen narrowly through the lens of sales.

The Ervinas Team has discovered MILLIONS OF DOLLARS inside these enterprises, just waiting to be added to the coffers. 

Ideally, a business operations management plan is instituted at start up, all departmental functions are coordinated and profits are optimized from the beginning. Yet, many small businesses start without a clear plan for how to manage internal growth, only external sales. Often, a tipping point is reached and further business development is hindered or stagnates. And sometimes, businesses are forced to shut down. No matter where you are in this life cycle of an enterprise, we are here to help you maximize your money!


Understand and manage your cash flow from the beginning. Ervinas can help you! 

  • Define your vision and business model – How will this make money?
  • Provide product viability, market feasibility and competition analysis reports.
  • Financials – budgeting and marketing plan
  • Entity Structure
  • Organizational responsibility matrix and staffing plans
  • Project schedules and key performance indicators
  • Process definition and documentation
  • Ongoing operational management

Scaling Enterprise:
Improvement, Growth & Change

Revenue is barely covering your expenses? Overwhelmed by too many orders? Getting ready to expand to additional locations? Preparing to raise money or sell your business?

Ervinas specialists can help! Overcome these situations with our team working alongside yours to implement and manage a strategic plan or contract with us to manage the project for you. C-Level support and interim C-Suite executive services are also available. 

Established Enterprise:

Internal chaos hurting your bottom line? Regulators levying hefty fines? Creditors breathing down your neck? 

Ervinas also has expertise in turnaround management. We provide interim senior management services or will work alongside your executives to identify and correct deficiencies, or in the alternative, wind down operations while maximizing the value of any remaining assets.