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Operations Management

Made to order

Many companies market safety and compliance as their product. Ervinas believes a safe and healthy workplace, in compliance with all regulations, is the result of a systematic approach to business operations management. Ervinas industry experts bring all of the essential elements to the table: knowledge, skills, resources and support. Tell us about where you are and where you’d like to be. 

Ervinas specialists get to know you and your business to establish a strong foundation for your operations structure. At each step in the process, we maintain open and clear communication to ensure everyone is on the same page. Your vital knowledge from the inside, combined with our in-depth industry knowledge, allows for formulation and implementation of a targeted operational trajectory to minimize risk and maximize profits.

Our process results in a comprehensive operations plan to include specific timelines, key performance indicators (KPI), and estimated return on investment (ROI). Ervinas will then support your team to accomplish the operational objectives. Or, if you prefer, we are happy to provide professional project management services to take the liability and responsibility off your plate.

Situational Analysis


Streamline & Automate

Assess & Audit

Step 1

Situational Analysis

Ervinas performs an in-depth evaluation of your current operational performance as well as wider trends in the industry. This provides the fundamental baseline for process optimization. 


Tell Ervinas about your company’s goals and how you currently operate. Let us know about what is working well and where you could use additional support. Depending on your needs and preferences, we are happy to tour your facility and meet staff members, as well as read company materials and analyze finances.


Combining your information with our objective assessments of the industry, Ervinas specialists will identify areas for improvement, analyzing and integrating all information to identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential for future problems.


Ervinas will then provide you a comprehensive plan to optimize your operational processes. We strengthen and build on your assets while limiting liability.


Move forward at your own pace! Whether your company would like to move full speed ahead or take a more phased approach, Ervinas is here to help you optimize your day-to-day processes. Invest up front to maximize your growth, profitability and productivity or amortize the cost over time. We have flexible options and will work with you to bring order to the chaos.

Step 2

Streamline & Automate

Our objective is to assure every aspect of your operational plan is targeted toward your goals.  Ervinas provides you with relevant, concrete, executable and measurable solutions. This can look different depending on your industry, so Ervinas has experts with decades of experience in the following areas:

  • Business planning & strategy
  • Financial projections
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Website development, hosting, SEO
  • Construction & capital equipment
  • Regulatory compliance / policy & procedure development
  • Project management
  • Custom training creation & deployment
  • Custom operations software for workflow process management and ongoing analytics

Step 3


Once your targeted operations plan is formulated, we assure you have plenty of time to review the product and make sure it is in line with your organizational needs. After confirmation, Ervinas is happy to work with your team to increase worker engagement as the system is implemented. One-on-one instruction and group seminars are available, as well as long-term support as needed.  

Alternatively, Ervinas offers full-service, professional project management. The following are the two most common situations where this is valuable:  

Start-Up Investors

Investors who wish to establish a business, but do not have the expertise to operate it. In this case, Ervinas will manage everything from initial construction and capital equipment acquisition to branding/marketing, production, accounting, staffing and sales. These investors simply partake in the profits and equity shares, without the energy expenditure of running a business.

Scale, Transition, Turnaround

Enterprise scale, transition or turnaround management: Ervinas steps in to manage complex operations during a growth cycle or acquisition, then turns over operations to your team when the transition is done. For winding down, Ervinas steps in to manage complex financial operations until the assets are distributed and the business is closed. 

Step 4

Assess & Audit

Plans are great, but results are decisive!

Ongoing monitoring provides data driven feedback to measure the effectiveness and value of your operational process system. Ensure timelines are met, costs are controlled, key performance indicators are achieved and check the return on your investment.