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Ervinas team members have decades of experience from a variety of industries to provide an intricate understanding of your business operations, the skills to objectively analyze your processes, the insight to develop a comprehensive plan and the expertise to support your goal achievement.

Ervinas Collective Expertise:

  • Enterprise Business Management & Operations
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Financial Controls & Reporting
  • Lean Manufacturing & Operational Efficiency
  • Industrial Capital Equipment Design, Manufacture & Operation
  • Establishment of Industrial, Executive & Employee Training Programs
  • Software Development & Integration
  • Technical Writing
  • Regulatory Experience:
    • OSHA Compliance
    • Human Resources Compliance
    • Hazardous Materials Handling
    • Planning, Zoning & Building Construction and Architecture
    • Clinical Research (FDA)
    • Healthcare Compliance (JCAHO)
  • Quality Improvement
    • ISO
    • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
    • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
    • Healthcare (Magnet, Centers of Excellence)
  • Ervinas Media Team Expertise
    • Commercial Video Production
      • Workforce Training & Leadership Development
      • Webinar, Seminar & Lectures
      • Conventions & Corporate Events
      • Business & Product Promotion
      • Social Media & Crowdfunding
      • Internal & external Marketing
    • Still Photography (Also see above)
      • Headshots
      • Team Photos
David White

David White


Nelson Ramirez

Nelson Ramirez

General Manager

Nichole Adler

Nichole Adler








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David White


Founder of Ervinas®, David brings over 30 years of experience working with start-up companies with primary expertise in in project management, entity formation, business plans, strategic planning and high-tech systems design and deployment. His keen insight and ability to get past the surface symptoms and on to the core of any issue make him in high demand for CEOs looking to accelerate their businesses.

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David has deep training and experience in equipment engineering with a focus on energy and high-technology fields. This engineering experience extends to all facets of equipment design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance within the mechanical, electrical and chemical disciplines. His knowledge and analytical insight have helped many businesses launch their products or services successfully.

Prior to establishing Ervinas, David worked with Technology Ventures Corporation providing strategic planning services to small businesses and technology start-ups commercializing intellectual property from national labs and universities.  He is very comfortable working with a wide range of technologies in their product development and production cycles.  This experience has led to a breadth of experience with not only technology enterprises, but other types of organizations such as service, retail, internet, hospitality among others.

Before moving to Las Vegas in 2003, David founded, built and ran a high-tech facilities project management and consulting company in Arizona, ProjEx Industrial Management Services.  This company grew to manage over $50 million in client projects throughout the US and Asia.  As part of the core service offerings of managing exotic chemical handling equipment installations at some of the most advanced semiconductor facilities in world, ProjEx provided design improvement and custom equipment design/build programs to meet specific customer needs.  Clients included BOC Edwards, Motorola and Sematech.  David is the primary inventor on a patent of a unique process waste system.  Prior to this his experience in technologies and power plant operations was utilized as the Maintenance Systems Program Manager for one of the most respected energy consulting firms in the world – Sterling Energy Operations.  During this time he managed new plant construction and commissioning projects in Malaysia and the US including combined cycle, co-generation, and simple cycle power stations.

Starting his career in the US Navy, he trained as a Machinery Specialist in the Naval Nuclear Power Program.  Making 4 deterrent patrols on the ballistic missile submarine USS Benjamin Franklin, he ended his tour as part of the decommissioning crew; attaining qualifications as not only senior machinery division watch stations, but also those for electrician, nuclear plant supervisor (EWS/EDPO), and ships senior enlisted watch (DCPO).  He was honorably discharged from active duty in November 1993.

David’s experience includes:

  • Co-Founder/Partner in ProjEx Industrial Management, a high-tech facilities project management and consulting firm that grew to manage over $50 million in client projects with clients that included BOC Edwards, Motorola, and Sematech.
  • Computerized Maintenance and Materials Management Program Director for Sterling Energy Operations.
  • Senior Capital Equipment Project Manager for Mega Systems.
  • Project Engineer for Athens Corp (later IPEC/Clean) in the semiconductor manufacturing sector.
  • Nuclear Machinery and Electrical Systems Expert, Nuclear Welder, and Senior Enlisted Watchman in the US Navy Submarine Service (MM1/SS).

Nelson Ramirez

General Manager

As General Manager for Ervinas, Nelson oversees projects, creates and develops content, and utilizes his network to connect clients with services and professionals to fit their needs. A U.S. Navy veteran, he brings over 25 years of business experience to his client relationships. Nelson has a background in multi-media as well as small business management, architectural design & construction, privileged license application preparation, and a thorough knowledge of the structures that regulate multiple business types.

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Founder of Morning Coffee Productions (MCP), Nelson has been serving the local professional community since 2014 providing photography, video production, graphic design, and website development services. Nelson became the General Manager of Ervinas Business Solutions in 2019, with the acquisition of MCP by Ervinas.

Nelson spends a great deal of time helping business owners reach their dreams and when he’s not helping businesses, he volunteers his time, skills and resources to Forgotten Not Gone, a veteran 501c 3 non-profit organization dedicated to ending veteran suicide.

  • BA in Interior Design
  • AA in Architectural Design
  • AS in Videography & Film
  • Former construction chief estimator
  • Served as Quartermaster in the US Navy

Born in the Bronx, New York, Nelson Ramirez grew up in Southern California and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nelson Ramirez - Ervinas GM

Nichole Adler


Nichole’s specialty is envisioning systems in innovative ways to ensure a win-win for shareholders and stakeholders. Founder of Summit Clinical Research, Nichole contracted with Fortune 500 Companies like Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Johnson  & Johnson, as well as Astellas and Orthofix. She developed a new paradigm for study management in which data collection was so complete and accurate, sponsors were concerned the FDA would question its validity. No worries though, inspectors agreed it was legit! And Investigators, contractors and staff members were thrilled with the ease of using the system as well as the generous paychecks!

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Nichole realized she had a knack for business ten years into her nursing career. She was asked to evaluate the financial viability of a hospital unit which was in the red, with a history of concerning issues . Instead of pouring over financials, she first went to spend time with the staff – not just nurses, but family MDs, surgeons and surgery staff, physical therapists and housekeeping. She sought to understand their motivations and desires, to gather their recommendations for improvement and to analyze the root cause of the problems. Utilizing the information gathered, Nichole stayed for a year to support establishment a lucrative self-pay service line, additional insurance paid service line, and expanded the surgical population with specialty capital equipment. A culture of cooperation was cultivated and systems initiated in which both patients and staff members were well-cared for. The hospital was also pleased that within that year, the unit was back in the black!

“I believe strongly that no one can do their jobs well without targeted, structured systems. Everyone is important to optimal functioning of the enterprise and all voices should be heard. No one wakes up in the morning and hopes they will fail at their job that day, but if they work within an unsupportive system, they have no ability to succeed.” – Nichole Adler

Casey Grieve

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Casey brings her dynamic systems knowledge and positive attitude to the Ervinas team. She has an outstanding ability to empower those around her. By practicing a growth mindset and teaching others, she creates collaborative and cohesive work environments that benefit the bottom line.

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Previously, Casey was the Director of Human Resources for a property management company. As the company started to expand into new states, she was able to quickly learn new regulations and procedures. She accurately provided all HR services before and during COVID, and in an ever-changing climate, she was able to take on a wide variety of job duties not usually attributed to Human Resources management. Casey took on not only payroll, accounts payable and compliance, but also managed marketing, training, vendor relations and property needs, establishing the best system for the needs of each position.

Early on, while pursuing a degree in psychology, she simultaneously started her career onboarding and training employees in the hospitality industry. Within no time, management lauded her skill for teaching and motivating their teams. She was promoted and sent to several locations to mentor teams and build efficient, positive work environments. Casey recognized that with the proper training, employees were able to provide better service, which in turn boosted sales revenue.

When presented with the opportunity to transition her career into property management, Casey was hired as a Community Liaison. Within the first 2 months, her sales far exceeded other employees and she continued to skyrocket to become the top salesperson in the state of Colorado. Later on, she excelled by bringing company required insurance compliance from a measly 63% to a whopping 98%! She then developed a training program for the company that assisted poorly performing properties to meet their financial goals. The program resulted in high occupancy, significantly improved employee retention rates and provided for long-term, durable success of these once struggling entities.

Casey seeks new employment...

Patrice Sowers

Compliance & Operations Specialist

As a Compliance Specialist for Ervinas®, Patrice joined Ervinas in 2016 after over 25 years of practicing Architecture. In 1992, Patrice left her solo residential practice in Southern California to join the firm of Veldon Simpson Architects, Las Vegas. At that time, this relatively small dynamic team was designing the largest and most visionary hospitality projects in the world; the MGM Grand Hotel Casino and Luxor.

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Hotel Casino projects were enormous in scale and pushed the envelope of all known building codes. The schedules were brutal and the consequences for not meeting them were harsh. The project budgets were extraordinary but it was the splendor of the realization experience and being a part of the creative dynamic process that shaped Las Vegas that was awe inspiring and truly priceless. Between 1992 and 2009 Patrice worked with or managed regionally and internationally renowned Architecture firms such as Leo A. Daly Architecture & Engineering, Bergman Walls & Associates and Nadel Architects. Notable projects which Patrice participated include the $2.9 billion Fontainbleau Las Vegas, Vdara Hotel & Spa Las Vegas (part of MGM’s City Center), Resorts International Atlantic City and Yavapai Resort Hotel & Casino in Phoenix.

In addition to Patrice’s extensive & impressive architectural / construction experience, she has also served as the Chief Operating Officer of an internet technology start-up in the streaming media space and Founder / Vice President of Operations & Compliance for one of the first licensed Nevada cultivation facilities.

Her experience includes:

  • Executive Vice President of Operations and Compliance Officer for a Nevada licensed cultivator and producer
  • A working relationship with regulatory agencies where she provided insight into developing regulations and implementing them in a compliant company
  • Architect and Project Manager on numerous resort/casino constructions including her role as Managing Principal at Vdara
  • She holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Bachelor of Architecture

Belen Galindo

Media Project Coordinator

As media specialist, Belen is responsible for organizing, capturing, and editing digital media including video, photography and graphic design.
Belen has a passion for media production, editorial work, graphic design and relies on her attention to detail and project management skills to deliver high quality content on time.

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With a background in hospitality administration and food & beverage, she brings many relevant skills to the team. Belen currently manages the daily operations of Tio Chuy’s Tacos, a mobile food establishment and is responsible for establishing the company’s digital presence. Belen also designed and developed a member database dashboard for FMCH-USA & PCHA Non-profit Organizations for the purpose of facilitating data entry and generating customized reports.

Shawn Meisser

Web Technology Manager

As Project Manager/ Developer for Ervinas Technologies (a division of Ervinas®), Shawn has designed and managed websites for over 10 years serving a diverse clientele.  Customers supported include:

  • Local businesses
  • Community Organizations
  • Charities

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Shawn’s in-depth knowledge helps simplify the process of building websites and provides continued maintenance and supportive services to our clients with a focus on Customer Relations Management, Web Hosting Management, and System Administration.